Will You Waste Time and Money?

Warning and shocking fact, 72% of all home sellers say they would not go back to the same real estate agent to do another transaction. Why is this? Well, there are many reasons people would never go back to their real estate agent, but the number one reason is poor communication. You see, most people simply assume that when they list their home, it will be sold, especially in good economic times and hot markets. But the odds of most agents getting your home sold are not very good. They're not as bad as playing the lottery, but still a gamble. In fact, according to industry studies, over the past year, less than half of the properties listed, sold within the term of the agent's listing contract. But during the same period, we sold a much, much higher percentage of our listings before the expiration date. Obviously selling your home does not have to be a gamble. You can gamble on an agent with a low batting average or who won't disclose their batting average in writing. Who knows maybe with your home, he or she will do better. Or you can rely on our solid proven success ratio. Call now at the telephone number provided. If you are not quite ready to talk to us, get a free special report that details this exclusive program.