Buy First or Sell First? The Most Important Question in Real Estate

Buy first or sell first? It's the age-old question in real estate that sellers like you ask when you are starting the home selling process. Either way, it’s risky because you could wind up owning two homes or none at all. With our Exclusive Guaranteed Sales Program, we solve this dilemma. Here's how it works. Before you even list with us, we prepare an A-Z total market analysis of your home, including a computerized printout of all the comparable homes sold and current listings in the area. We use this information so that together we can determine your guaranteed price and list price that you will receive upfront and in writing before we market your home. When you receive our guaranteed price in writing, you will have the security of knowing that your home is already sold. You win no matter what happens.

And here's why, number 1, in the unlikely event that you do not receive an offer higher than the guaranteed sales price within the allotted timeframe, we will buy your home for the upfront guaranteed sales price that we set together. Number 2, however, if you receive an offer higher than the guaranteed sales price we set, you get the higher offer, not us. With our Exclusive Guaranteed Sales Program, we take all the risks. You know your home is guaranteed to sell and you will always get the benefit of the highest offer you receive.

Bottom line, you can now look for your next home with much greater peace of mind. When you see a home you like, you can immediately place a firm cash offer. Since you know that your home is sold, you will eliminate the usual stress and worry that most home sellers have, conditional offers and getting stuck with two homes, without this emotional rollercoaster. Our Guaranteed Sales Program makes the house hunting process a lot more fun because you know your home is sold.

To learn more about our Guaranteed Sales Program and how this and our many other exclusive home seller programs will sell your home fast and for top dollar, please contact us with the information on this page and start packing.